Upper Bigsweir

Upper Bigsweir

Upper Bigsweir

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Phone: 01874 712074 (W.U.F)

{o} Fish Types: Salmon, trout, chub, barbel, pike
{o} Fishing: 3/4 mile of left bank 1 mile below Redbrook / 3 miles above Bigsweir


 Coarse Fisheries (River)
 Game Fisheries (River)


There is excellent salmon fishing to be had on this ¾ mile, left bank stretch of the Lower Wye, about three miles above Bigsweir. Flowing through a forested, steep-sided valley, this is possibly the Wye’s most productive location with six revered pools; these include the famous Cadora and Cockpit Pools where fresh fish enter daily on the tides. Apart from the odd obstructive boulder wading is fairly easy on a gravel bed, and there are croys to cast from in the middle and lower sections.
The fishery has secure, off-road parking although the hut is retained for private use only.

Quality coarse fishing is available outside the salmon season. Tickets available through the Wye & Usk Foundation.

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