Thomas Carroll Fly Fishing Instructor

Thomas Carroll

Thomas Carroll

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West House Farm
Mill Lane
Durham TS21 1LL

Phone: 01325 308049

Nearest Facilities:
{o} Tackle Shops within 25 miles

{o} Qualified GAIC: Trout


 GAIA Fly Casting Instructors


FWT is a project that aims to get young people from all backgrounds into Fly Fishing. It caters to a wide range of youth groups, not just those that are disadvantaged in some way. Tom would be delighted to hear from schools, any youth organisations and indeed parents who would like their offspring to become involved in fly fishing.

FWT is the brain child of Tom Carroll who started work on the scheme in 2005 when he became aware that many young people in the area where he lives spent a large part of their leisure time hanging around on street corners with little to do with their out of school free time. As a result many of them got into trouble with the police for anti-social behaviour or were exposed to the use and abuse of drugs. However, despite the original driver that led to the creation of this project, the doors are now open to all comers.


Contact: Tom Carroll

Tel: 07759 469032 or 01325 308049



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