Nicholson Farm Bed & Breakfast

Nicholson Farm Bed & Breakfast

Nicholson Farm Bed & Breakfast

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Herefordshire HR6 0SL

Phone: 07740717564

{o} Fish Types: Carp, perch, roach, rudd, trout
{o} Fishing: 1 lake

Nearest Facilities:
{o} Tackle Shops within 25 miles


 Coarse Fisheries (Stillwater)
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The Nicholson Farm lake is stocked with several species including specimen common carp up to 25lb and ample stock of smaller fish including roach, rudd, perch, and the odd monster rainbow trout still in residence since the lake was created and stocked in 1973. The fishing pool is around an acre in size with deep water.

There is room for 8 rods using barbless hooks and avoiding keep nets.
Tickets are £6 per day.

Please note: fishing on Nicholson's Farm lake is for seasoned anglers only; it's not a fun pool for youngsters.

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