Loch Leven

Loch Leven

Loch Leven

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Following the retreat of the ice sheets from northern Britain some 10,000 years ago, a massive block of ice was left stranded just north of the Firth of Forth in what is now south east Scotland. As the climate slowly warmed, the ice melted, and its water cut a river into the Forth at Largo Bay. The lake that now fills the depression made by this gigantic block of ice has become the most famous trout water in the world:Loch Leven.

Since the middle of the 19th century, the Loch Leven strain of brown trout has been transported to many regions that were formerly far beyond the range of any trout species: Argentina, the Indian subcontinent, the Falkland Islands, Australia and New Zealand. In North America it now lives alongside the native rainbow and cutthroat trout. And in fisheries throughout Europe, trout farmers take pride in the knowledge that their brown trout originate from the Loch Leven strain.

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