Garren Brook

Garren Brook

Garren Brook

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Garren Brook
Nr Whitchurch

Phone: 01874 712074 (W.U.F)

{o} Fish Types: Trout, grayling
{o} Fishing: Half mile stretch above confluence with R.Wye

{o} Website: Yes


 Game Fisheries (River)


“This beat consists of approximately half a mile of the River Garren, upstream from its confluence with the River Wye. The lower section of the beat below Old Forge weir is mostly fast water over a gravel riverbed - deeper and slower water is found as you venture upstream. All the usual Wye fish species are present in this delightful stretch of river, but it is the trout and grayling that will attract the fly angler. Wading is easy, but care should be taken in the deep channels upstream of the weir as they are deep and silty in places. Ideally fished with: 6 to 7ft, 2 to 3wt rod” – Wye & Usk Foundation.
Tickets from Wye & Usk Foundation. See website.

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