GAIA Instruction with Dudley Hosfield

Dudley Hosfield

Dudley Hosfield

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West Yorkshire LS23 6NG

Phone: 01937 842319

{o} Fish Types: Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon and Grayling
{o} Fishing: Wharfe, Ure, Lune and Tyne

{o} Qualified GAIC: Trout, Salmon,


 GAIA Fly Casting Instructors


Hi there, my name is Dudley Hosfield. I am a qualified casting instructor and licensed coach. I am a member of the Game Angling Instructors Association (GAIA) and also tie my own flies. I live near Wetherby in West Yorkshire which is in the north of England between York, Leeds & Harrogate.

I fish and guide on reservoirs and the rivers Wharfe, Ure, Lune, and Tyne as well as their tributaries. In April and May I tend to focus on trout and in June, July and August on seatrout.

During September and October I focus on salmon, and in November and December I tend to concentrate on grayling & rainbow trout.This is the pattern I use for most years.

Fishing should be fun and I take clients of all levels of competence for casting tuition. I can arrange fishing tackle, accommodation, and refreshments if required. I can also organise a round of golf if you are so inclined. Visit the North of England and you will not be disappointed with the rivers, countryside and scenery although one thing I cannot organise is the weather.I charge by the hour for casting lessons, and half or full days when fishing/guiding per person.I do also take fishing parties to the Tyne or Scotland after salmon.

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