Sea Fishing near Brighton & Hove

Brighton and Hove Sea Fishing

Brighton and Hove Sea Fishing

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East Sussex BN1

Nearest Facilities:
{o} Charter Boats within 25 miles
{o} Tackle Shops within 25 miles

Local Fisheries
{o} Other Sea Fishing Locations within 25 Miles
{o} Coarse Stillwaters within 25 miles
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Very good bass fishing from boats, trolling with variety of plug baits, Apr-Oct. Charter boats operate from Shoreham, Newhaven and Brighton Marina, for deep sea and wreck fishing. In spring and summer boat fishing produces bream, bass, conger, tope, plaice and dabs; shore fishing: mackerel off marina wall, bass at night or l/w surf, mullet. Winter boat fishing for large cod, whiting, bull huss; shore for whiting, flounders and cod. Most dealers supply bait. Hove Deep Sea AC members launch boats from beach, and generally fish inshore marks.

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